Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Beauty All Around, Unnoticed?-(Nat'l Poetry Month)

I Implore You…

What beauty have you found?
Did you notice her in the round?
Day and night she works her magic-ceaselessly, without compensation.
Not perceiving, many just carry on.

Your load of care she would lighten.
The shadows cast by gray cloud, brighten.
Seek her while she may be found by you-before your senses senseless be to you.
Draw her close! Show her value!
Give her reason to continue
To pursue your

For there is nary a poorer fellow
Who simply doesn’t see
The beauty that is all around him
To cherish, to promote
To be!

A surprise spring flower on the vacant property next to us...
Until next time, 
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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

A Peek into Our Past!

Photo Memories

Hope that you enjoy a few pics of our family from a few years ago!
I had just gotten my mare, Lady, my first horse!

Youngest son conditioning tack

Preparing to make/can pear dessert filling

My Sweetie getting some tractor goodies...some old, some new

Middle son got married at our home...Country-Style!

It all came together with help, and a good time was had by all " )

Our Farm Market table in town...plants, baked goods, honey, and our own "Honeybee Garden Kits"

As I look back, I see so many ways that we have been blessed! May I encourage you to do the same? Honestly, there have been some pretty tough times too--(We don't usually share those.) We've had heartaches with parenting, loved ones with cancer, uncertainty about jobs, an impossible list of things that need doing to name a few. Just like you, we struggle. BUT that's one of the main reasons why I chose to concentrate on the BEAUTY FOR LIVING that IS there in each of our lives! I want to discipline myself to look for and be appreciative of those things. Please feel free to share the positive and the beautiful in your life with us by commenting below and share this post if you liked it!

Until next time,