Sunday, February 5, 2017

It's the BLOOMIN' Middle of Winter!

Hello from this crazy "Spring-in-the-middle-of-Winter"!

So here are a few pics that I took around our place while out doing chores the other morning...I have to say, this is one thing that I like about the South--You can experience warm, sunny days in February! 

Apple blossoms

"Piggy" at breakfast " )

 "Jett"-a Moon Spotted, registered Nubian
sired our 2 doe kids this year

Baby's breath?

I forget the name of this one...I pruned it into a tree!



Peeping over pool fence...

In the Secret Garden

Honey bees keeping busy! This warm weather has allowed our flowers to bloom without freezing. In nearly 10yrs here, I think this is the first time they have bloomed fully like this!


Ruffled daffodils budding

I'm so happy for the vehicle of sharing the beauty that I see around me every day...I'm no photographer, but I do enjoy trying! Which season are you in where you live? Are you having a typical season, or are you also having unusual weather in some way? Is it better or worse in your opinion?

This warm winter is allowing the flowering varieties that are really more "tropical" ones to flourish and bloom in all of their splendor!...Hopefully we will not get a hard freeze that will put an ugly end to it all. I do know that the peach orchards nearby do require a certain amount of freezing hours to properly produce, so I do sympathize with them. Maybe we will get just enough for everyone to be happy " )

Well, until next time....I hope that you can find some beauty in your surroundings. Will you share it? Please do comment and let me know how you are doing! 

Very Sincerely,