Sunday, March 13, 2016

Hobby Farm Beauty News

Spring is Beginning to Bloom All Around!

And other beautifulness " )

     Greetings from Uphill Farm---our little corner of rolling southern USA! Today was amazingly beautiful!...The birds were tweeting, the breeze was blowing, the fruit trees were budding and blooming, the honeybees were buzzing, the horses were grazing (tails and manes waving gently), the clouds were sailing overhead, the goat kids were frolicking....Well, you get the idea ; )
     Following are some pics:
Various fruit trees in blossom...
My Sweetie making LOTS of beehive components!

     As this is a blog about beauty of all kinds, I wanted to share some tips that I have regarding how we ladies can pamper ourselves a bit in the area of skincare and fragrance. One idea that occurred to me is to NOT wash or wipe the residue of anti-aging moisturizer (I'm currently using AVON's ANEW Ultimate line
Avon Anew Ultimate
Click for e-store (USA only, sorry!)

off of your hands when you finish that step of your routine, but rather, add a drop of water to your palm, rub hands together gently to mix, and then apply to the backs of both hands! If you're like me, your hands are very hard working, and could use some beautification...especially as I would like to get solar nails for my birthday, and more attention will be drawn to my hands. I think I will begin to do this daily as well as using the same skincare steps to my neck and upper chest as I do my face--a lesson that I learned years ago! 

     The second tip that I wanted to share is to spritz some of your fave fragrance (mine is currently Imari Seduction by AVON-''A captivating scent of luscious plum and purple orchid and dark rose with tantalizing hints of warm vanilla. ")
Imari Seduction Eau de Toilette Spray
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onto a cotton ball and place it into your lingerie drawer! This makes your "pretties" smell so nice. You may refresh the fragrance as needed. 

     Just a few ideas that I had to share. Maybe you've come up with some ways to add a touch of beauty to your life...Please feel free to comment below and share your ideas with the rest of us! 

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Friday, March 4, 2016

Homestead Family News

The Pace is Picking Up Around the Farm...

It was a sunny, warm day here in the southeastern USA. The honeybees have finally begun to visit the various blossoms needing pollinating, though I haven't seen them on the one apple that is blooming yet. They were all over the camillias though! (See above collage)

I had my oldest grandchild helping with chores...Here you can see the raspberries are badly in need of weeding!

View from above the pool...I like to plant a spring garden just in front of the fence. I've already dumped a couple wheelbarrow loads from the goat barn earlier this winter, and also empty a container of kitchen compost every day there.That combination seems to really build the soil, as we've gotten a good report from the county extension office! I'll post soon how we've planted it...

During leisure time, we like to have a puzzle on-going! The current project is a coffee-themed one gifted to me at Christmas from my sister---Thanks Les! I have designated this antique tabletop to just that purpose:

The weather is supposed to be sunny and 60's today, so I'd better plan to get moving this morning! 
I hope you have a good day wherever you are in this big world " )

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There's Beauty for Living!