Sunday, April 2, 2017

March Remembered

A Partial Album of March

Hello again from Uphill Farm-Where I search for beauty in everyday living, and share glimpses here and there! Here are a few miscellaneous pictures from the past weeks:

I noticed that the hallway air intake was terribly dirty, and thought it was a great opportunity to use my new Cadillac of a vacuum, a Shark Powered Lift Away, to do some deep cleaning...First I used the attachment to vacuum in, behind, and around the intake. Then I used ammonia Windex cleaner to soak the grimy grill. I then used a butter knife and hand towel to individually clean each rung! Finally, I put a brand new air filter in. Voila! Cleaner air and nicer looking too!
The pollen count here in the Southeastern US is horrible at the moment, so anything we can do to improve our INDOOR air quality seems to help!

So THIS was going on in Atlanta this past week...YIKES! Apparently, some PVC pipes in storage under a bridge caught fire and burned super hot until it finally collapsed the bridge!! (Who knew they stored stuff under bridges?)

Time to use my "super-effective against ticks" cedarwood essential oil spray when  I head outside to work on the property...Sure don't want to contract Lyme's disease or the nasty intolerance of mammal meat that my daughter got from a tick bite! Check out the essential oils here for endless possibilities of amazing wonderful smellingness and happy good feelings " )

Homemade fudge anyone? YUMMERS!!

Our oldest granddaughter enjoyed her girl-made creek while "Grandie" (That's me!) washed the car ....AHHHHHH, country life!

All ready for our annual Ladies' First Day of Spring Tea....that DIDN'T happen due to my still-contagious cold!(Going to save all of the decos for a future event!)

My new vacuum....LONG time coming, and needed very badly!! Has all of the "bells and whistles"--I'd HIGHLY recommend it!
(Got a great deal at SAM'S " )

My new LIMITED EDITION hairclip from Lila Rose! Perfect for the coffee or tea lover! My Stylist is the wonderful Mrs. Dorcas Yoder (stylist #850859)

Local coffee shop's (Between Friends) version of the "Gray Stuff" from Beauty and the Beast, lol! Several homeschooling highschoolers meet twice a month to play games, sip coffees/teas, and chillax!

Well, it's time to assist Hubby in replacing the brakes on my car! The fun just never ends around here " )

Hope you see the beauty around you in your everyday living this week! Please share this post and comment if you'd like to add your $0.02 worth!

~~Until Next Time~~