Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Where There's Beauty....There's hope!

 A lovely lavender Rose of Sharon blooming next to my grandmother's purple phlox.

Goldfish waiting patiently for "breakfast"

A Perfect day for drying the laundry...Typically, I only hang towels and bedding these days, but for years I hung ALL of the laundry (for 7 people!) to be able to afford to use the air conditioner in the summer!

"Before" pics of our screen porch.  I know what you're thinking..."That woman has no pride!", lol. Well, hopefully we will be renovating it for people use soon : ) It has held a goat, dogs, and baby chicks-so cleaning and fresh paint/decorating are badly needed...I was thinking about making it my "beach" themed room. It aleady got a new roof after we had leaking in the adjacent laundry room during windy rainstorms, so just a light-fan needed there. The dry sink has become a depository for all kinds of garden do dads...

What kind of beautification projects are you hoping to accomplish this year in/around your home? Please comment below and share this post with others---The more, the merrier! 

Have a beauty-filled day " )