Friday, June 9, 2017

Just Chillin' At the Lake!

Hi from Georgia! Here I'm sipping some Columbian on our villa screenporch. (As a coffee snob, I have learned to take my own coffee and coffee maker as well as a water filter pitcher wherever we go for drinking...) It's been a gorgeous 2 days here. While my sweetie attends vending and ongoing education classes, I get to take a break from the usual routine : ) 

Yesterday I took a spin around the park on one of the bikes available for guests...(I missed my youngest daughter though, who accompanied me last time). 

I think I may have heard an alligator skeedaddle into the lake, and saw many little turtles plop off into the water from under the boardwalk and docks. There was some kind of plant growing up out of the water with tiny lavender blossoms blooming that I've never seen before.

We return home today though, and preparation for my granddaughter's birthday party and out-of-town company resumes! I'm still working on my back screenporch, and will post more pictures soon about that project. It's not fancy, but it will be a whole lot cleaner and usable for people, lol. Currently, it's cleaned and mostly primed in preparation for painting the walls. I've bought the paint- a cool, soft, beachy green. I plan to paint the trim and furniture white. The chair cushions need re-upholstering too...My mother made some deco items using seashells which she collected on various trips to the beach over the years, and I'm SO glad to have them to add to my room : )
A mushroom and some of the other botanicals growing on our place now...These lilies are some of my favorite!

I'm really liking my new COLORLESS lip liner from AVON! Now that I have kissing and sipping wrinkles above my lip, colors have tended to "bleed" up into them...So far, so good!!

Two of my favorite ladies right here! Time for the year-end dance recital for my baby girl. Big sister's presence for support is invaluable...

 Trying to keep the privet trimmed and fed to the goats.

Piggy says, "Hello and Goodbye!" (...and "How do you like my little pond?")

That's the peek into my little country girl life for now. Hope you have a wonderful day and remember to....Look for the beauty that surrounds us every day, and SHARE IT with others!


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