Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Fitness Kindergarten with Lisa

I'm Still Taking "Baby Steps"!

     It's a new year and the time is ripe for reflecting on what goals (hopes ") we had for 2016 as far as personal fitness and condition are concerned.

Today's lunch of turkey chef salad and lemon water...

     As you know, my daughter and I were able to go to Walt Disney World together with friends toward the end of the year, so earlier on (August) I determined to begin conditioning my knees and back to increase my endurance! This trip was really just the catalyst that I needed to begin a much more comprehensive fitness plan.

     [The last time that I had been to Disney was when I was 13yrs old, so I didn't remember many details--mainly that Space Mountain was brand new and my parents and I had NO IDEA what it was! 

We waited in a long line which seemed to be generally winding up and up. There were exits labelled  with warning signs for people with health issues to reconsider riding...(or so I remember...) Mom got put up front in the car. Have you ever seen a cat fall into water? Yea, that's my mom on a rollercoaster. She was so mad after that ride that she didn't speak for a bit :O ]   

     Anyway,  back to the present...I knew it was big and there was a lot to do and see and we were not staying in a Monorail Resort, so we were planning to go all "kamakazi" and do 1 park per day from sun up to midnight 4 days in a row so as not to waste any precious time travelling back and forth! 

Turns out, the buses were a very convenient way to go! We ended up going back to the resort on several days just to rest " ) 
I'll admit I was fairly apprehensive. My back bothers me if I stand, sit, or walk, or...anything for very long, and my knees have been low on lubricant as well as strength for several years now. Even though I had been very physically active growing up, I had not kept up my fitness during these past years of childbearing and rearing. My diet has defaulted to what is easy and tempting rather than GOOD for me. And hydration?!?....Well, let's just say that I sip coffee.

     Wow! I'm really telling on myself! It's not that I don't recognize the need to improve my fitness. Life just presents a million distractions and reasons why "TODAY just isn't a good day to start (or continue) because....."

     I have managed to start most days with a simple stretch routine, (credit: The Tapp Brothers!). This helps me to avoid injury at least, and feel more comfortable as I go about my daily chores, etc.
Connect with them HERE, and search out their great ideas for getting and staying fit! Thanks guys!
     Then, I try to add some excercises that specifically target my weakest areas-my knees and my lower back. I've worked up to doing 4 sets of 10 reps with most of them, and am now doing 4 sets of 25 jumping jacks! (This is HUGE for me!)

     ...and am trying to drink my water. Adding a drop of doTERRA lemon oil to each bottleful helps. Sometimes I add thin slices of cucumber or a small handful of various fruits. Whatever you have on hand that you like-
HERE is where you can purchase this amazing oil for yourself!

 Another way that I am trying to improve my lifestyle for health is to plan to eat a salad for lunch every day possible. I make all kinds of salads. Some are meatless with lots of veggies, nuts, and seeds, and some have turkey, chicken or tuna. Whatever I have on hand.  I LOVE fresh herbs in my salads, and grow several here on my property-rosemary, thyme, spearmint, garlic, oregano.   

     My next "plan of attack" is to treat myself to a membership at a gym in town for my big "55"! I'm excited about joining in the line dancing class, lol!

This is how far I've gotten so far! I'd love to hear your ideas for baby steps to fitness. This morning I decided to make it my goal to be in better condition (and SHAPE!) when I'm 60yrs old than I was at 50!

Feel free to comment below and share your health and fitness goals!

Until Next Time,
Heads Up for Beauty!


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